Thoughts on the State of Cybersecurity

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Thoughts on the State of Cybersecurity


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I am in no way an authority or an expert on this topic; I am merely expressing my thoughts on a subject I am extremely passionate about and wish to improve.

Areas where I would like to see improvement:

Failure to plan ahead

Most companies don’t understand the need for proper security when starting out and make reactive plans when the risk becomes too apparent. Appropriate security measures are much more difficult and expensive to implement at this stage.

Lack of monitoring tools to detect intrusion attempts

Many companies do not take adequate steps to monitor for intrusion attempts, making them even more vulnerable to cyberattacks. The time it takes to detect an attack is crucial to preventing major damage.

Burnout among cybersecurity professionals

Cybersecurity professionals are increasingly overburdened with a massive workload and complex, time-sensitive tasks, resulting in exhaustion and decreased productivity. By carefully planning new projects and allocating adequate resources for cybersecurity initiatives, this can be avoided.

Trusting third parties with data

In certain cases, offloading responsibilities to trusted partners can free up internal resources. However, the risk of a breach should be carefully considered while doing so. Transferring data through proper encrypted channels and limiting access within both organizations is crucial.

Expensive certification programs

Entry-level cybersecurity professionals are forced to spend money and attempt excessively pricey certification programs, which typically do not adequately prepare them. Many talented professionals become frustrated by such unrealistic expectations.

Marketers make unrealistic promises

Marketing campaigns frequently claim to have a solution for every security-related issue, but this is rarely the case. Customers become disappointed when they learn that the product has limited capabilities and needs manual maintenance to continue functioning as intended.